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Willing Results, LLC
DBA: OSCAR Therapy
DBA: Will-Integrators

Willing Results, LLC

P.O. Box 102

Niantic, Connecticut 06357

Tel and Text: (617)-359-7941

Case Assessment Details

Species is Irrelevant

  • We will work with any and all species.  Domesticated or wild.  Terrestrial or aquatic.  Exotics welcome.  Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, invertebrates. 



Video Submissions

  • Send a video (Email/DVD/VHS) of all problems, up to 30 minutes total. Only is SAFELY possible, problems should be evoked and displayed on video. First, Do No Harm.



Consultation Plans for Non-Reproducible Situations

  • For nighttime problems or rarely seen or hard-to-reproduce situational behavior issues, we can provide step-by-step action plans.



Case Reports are Available

  • Psychological Assessments, Treatment Histories, Case Summaries, Owner Transfer Reports



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