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Stewardship of Canines
Links to Resources and Products
Updated 2013


Links are listed BY ORDER OF IMPORTANCE to the DOG



Road Safety




Boat and Surf Safety




Canine Choice and Behavior

Emma Parsons "Click to Calm"


Karen Pryor

Bite Types


John Bradshaw


Assessments of the Dog Whisperer




Sound Desensitizing

Audio CD's all Animals.

Must be used with a behaviorist protocol! Click to hear the demos on the websites...


Scroll down to Training Aids to see the Sound Sensabilities™ audio sounds of Children, Dogs, Fireworks, Guns, Cars and Trucks, Kitchen and Vacuums, Car trips, Flight, Thunderstorm. Audio CDs Ideal for helping dogs or other animals overcome a noise phobia.




Assessments of the Dog Whisperer








Veterinary, and Miracle APA Blends

Make sure to read the animal medical issues cured TESTIMONIALS on all of these websites.  You will be amazed by the body rebuilding capacity of these algae blends that stimuate stem cells.


In home Euthanasia for SMALL animals:




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Security, GPS, and ID Chip:





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