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Canine Services

Willing Canine and OSCAR Dog services & rates are a la carte. 

We diagnose your problem and then customize for the lowest cost solution. 

Our canine brain solutions are so efficient that you will SAVE time AND money

(vs. working with a  trainer).

Contact us for our current hourly rates sheet.

Phobia Reversal


Phobia reversal is our bread and butter. 

Your animal's brain can be rewired using only positive methods.


WR teaches animals across many species.  Sport animal, pet, farm, and exotic animals are all welcome. WR teaches new physical, psychological, and emotional survival tools to achieve normal and rational behavior. Owner participation is mandatory.

the Winning Edge


Any Dog - Any Sport


From sporting dogs to agility, motivational awareness is key. The skills you will learn in Will Skill speak only to HOW the animal learns, not WHAT the animal learns. 


Day Rate Savings

Day Rate saves 20-40% on hourly rates. (Concurrent animal sessions are not advised due to safety concerns.) A full 9 hour day of one-on-one sessions. All disciplines, breeds, and species are welcome at host's discretion.








Tests cover:


  • motivations

  • intelligence: adaptability to pattern change

  • problem solving ability

  • strong and weak concept points

  • body awareness and cognitive-spatial 'trauma zones'

  • mental comfort zones

  • baseline anxiety level

  • pinpoint locations of previous bodily injury

  • rough age of emotional trauma

  • personality

Classes for Dog Handlers




Classes for Humans who OWN dogs or TRAIN dogs

Class 1: Shaping- Ability to Convey an Idea

Class 2: Presence- Equipment of Every Kind

Class 3: Disengage- Power of the Social Vacuum


We learn about our will and the wills of others not by hearing about them in lecture format but by experiencing them first hand. Your one-on-one timing can indeed be improved in group format classes. Exercising the "intention muscle" and understanding your student's perspective are best done using immediate cause-effect participation.


Dog training for young people

Behavior shaping for young handlers. Young handlers can learn how to teach and APPROVE of their animals, how to protect their personal space from animal invasion, and learn games that make animal activities safer. Develop expert timing by teaching your animal to play games with you!

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