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Coaching Practioners in OSCAR Therapy
Helping Your Human Clients with OSCAR Therapy

I decided to pursue learning the non-invasive OSCAR Therapy protocol to complement the other modalities I use in my healing practice (certified in: Medical Qi Gong, TCM, Craniosacral, Acupressure and Massage). I’ve now had experience in facilitating OSCAR Therapy on dogs and humans. I’ve also benefitted from OSCAR Therapy myself as the subject of a session! I began the learning process by using my dog as the subject. The improvements in his state of mind and his physical movement were marked and immediate. It was obvious that OSCAR Therapy, after only an hour or so of facilitating, can implement a profound change for the subject. 

This significant discovery led me to focus in on human subjects, starting with myself. As the human subject, I was amazed at the ways in which issues in my body resolved themselves with the assistance of the facilitator. Areas that have caused me pain for years and even old injuries affecting movement just fizzled away. It was a good start as I discovered the role of the facilitator is not one of “doing to" the subject.
Instead, all interaction is initiated and controlled BY the subject. The facilitator reaches out, but it’s the subject herself or himself who makes the point of contact. The resolution of any issues the subject is experiencing can only be as a result of their own actions.

Since then, in sessions with several human subjects, where I acted as the facilitator, I witnessed significant positive and immediate changes in them, which have remained in effect several months later. These changes were on both physical and emotional levels. One person who suffered physical and emotional abuse in a past relationship discovered she no longer reacted when his name was mentioned. Her medically diagnosed physical issues of uneven shoulder position, extreme tightness in neck muscles, pain in the back and restricted body movement appeared to melt away. She no longer looked crooked when standing, sitting and walking. Of particular note was that before commencing her OSCAR Therapy sessions, her head was in constant tremor-like motion, manifesting as an uncontrolled twitching movement. Far into the first session, there was a noticeable easing of this issue with an ultimate resolution of this condition. She reports that months later she remains in less pain and the head twitching is gone. 

Evaluation of another OSCAR Therapy subject revealed that she had limited movement and use of her right arm, vestibular challenges and walked in an uneven rocking motion, and she often tilted into walls. When compared to the other arm, the right arm was lacking strength and was limited in range of motion. As the OSCAR Therapy process unfolded, she revealed she also had uneven head rotation. As she worked her way through her OSCAR Therapy these issues appeared to resolve; her arm movement became fluid and stronger, her head and neck rotation was equal on both sides and she reported that the lifetime emotional heaviness she experienced had lightened. Upon standing after her first session she was overcome with laughter at the discoveries in her body. Standing straight, walking with no rocking motion, she no longer had to use walls and furniture to keep herself upright! These OSCAR Therapy results continue to enhance her life months later.

Margaret Stewart

Collinsville, CT

Dec 1, 2022

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