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Amazing work. Anyone involved with animals needs to study this approach.

Still only 3/4 of the way through the book, I think that I almost don’t want it to end… kind of like a great movie. He loves that he is in charge of his learning! 

Stay the hell away from crazy "experts" until you find this way to unwind the mess, 'cus this way does no harm in the process...

It is possibly one of the best books I have ever read. If I were 30 years younger I’d be banging Casey's door down to become an apprentice.

There is this ultra-human quality in this writing; it’s something... noble.  It depicts the innocent “troubled” animal in the sweetest light of hope.   The way she uses the word “OSCAR” in its many forms….the whole presentation is of such a high ethical quality that it shakes us into remembering that all living things are precious and in need of our very best…even if that means something starkly individualized and out of the ordinary.

I feel so totally “normal” just reading your words and believe that as this reaches more and more people, there will be a pulling together in unity as it should rightly have been so long ago from the beginning. We’re all connected on a higher plane… but simply so, despite the complexity of it all.  And that’s really it…the simplicity of OSCAR Therapy

Never did I dream that I could ever get this horse to accept the spray bottle.  He’s a champ now.  And just look at Mr Afraid-of-Water!!!  Bye bye US Quarantine trauma. Hello the original beauty I bought from Spain! 

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