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Learn OSCAR Therapy: We Coach You!
for Equine and Farm Animals

MOST RECENT POST: October 1, 2023

PAID Intern/Apprentice: $40/Hr

3 Positions Available: (for those with current animal clientele)

Start Date: Variable

A Whole New Way to Fix the Unfixable Ones


OSCAR Therapy Apprenticeship: Equines and Farm Animals

  • Serving animals in All Time Zones: video-chat + your proxy hands

  • Serving clients in person in Southeastern Connecticut

  • Willing Results, LLC is the pioneer behind OSCAR Therapy, the cutting edge behavioral assessment and treatment approach that reverses even the most extreme problems in animals, including missing owner skills.
  • You are the body and we are the brains, helping you by video.

  • Our video-chat service pre-dates covid-19 by a few years, so this is NOT a “pandemic pet” invention.



Get Paid to Learn

Frustrated by the dog/horse/cat/bird/farm/exotic animal you just can’t seem to help? DO YOU WORK WITH ANIMALS who may be putting you or their owners (even their own lives) in jeopardy? Work directly with OSCAR’s author/ founder to solve every case quickly! EARN WHILE YOU LEARN WHAT WORKS!

OSCAR Therapy is the best way to REVERSE problems in all animals and their owners, regardless of history, phobia, anxiety, fear, aggression, or any other case difficulty. Payment is commensurate with the animal cases you bring in. We fix difficult cases so quickly that we are constantly working our way out of a job-- our testimonials are five-star. Get paid fairly while working toward your certification in OSCAR Therapy. Start out as secondary on the cases you are teaching, and work your way up to primary OSCAR therapist.

Quote from dog intern Leita: ...

This is no joke, this method works better than any other method I’ve seen. I didn’t believe it at first, but now that I know how to speak the OSCAR language, I’m convinced that everybody needs to learn this approach... it's the fastest and safest way to fix any animal's brain, intention, behavior.”

The best way to prepare for an interview with us is to learn everything you can from our book Introducing OSCAR Therapy  (available everywhere as a paperback and ebook), our website, and our OSCAR Therapy channel on YouTube. The longer your cover letter, the better. Please email a resume or CV, lengthy cover letter, and any supporting documents to:

Sound LikeYou ?


  • For every troubled animal client YOU SUPPLY, we teach you how to bring each case from start to completion. One to 15 hours a week, depending on how many animals you provide. ALL species are welcome. If you’ve got a paying client, we’ve got the way that works faster and better.

  • More interest in behavior than training. Operant Conditioning or Clicker background a plus. You work directly with us, the OSCAR founder and other OSCAR certified therapists.

  • Excellent communication skills are mandatory. (This is a main reason we could let you go.) (Sense of humor mandatory, LOL)

  • Home visits are required of you. Must have and use your own Car. You may charge travel to clients at your discretion. All Covid precautions are required during house calls.

  • No more than 2 sessions per day (avg 90 min sessions). Seven- day flexibility is a plus. Owners' schedules change frequently.

  • iphone, mac a plus for ease of scheduling, video chat, upload

  • Quickly work up to earning 50% of each session payment

  • Learn toward certification in the OSCAR process.

  • We will not have you work with cases of dangerous animals unless and until you’re ready.

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • You must be over age 25, with college degree or equivalent field experience

  • Training/other certifications a plus

  • No special uniform requirements

  • No benefits beyond pay and tremendous gained experience and skill


  • Verbal communication

  • Record keeping

  • Organization

  • Scheduling

  • Professionalism

  • Customer focus

  • Confidentiality

send application letters to:

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