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Stewardship of Equines
Links to Resources and Products
Updated 2017


Links Categories are listed BY ORDER OF IMPORTANCE to the Horse's Mental State, not by Human Priorities





Psycho-Physical Environs






Non Skid Matts:

ask for "Button Matts"


Stall Doors:

latches are spring loaded to self recoil. Latches that protrude from stall doors cause injury.



Cross Ties:

velcro cross ties

ALL TIES must be long enough so that the horse's head can turn fully to the back so s/he can see what's happening directly behind. That goes for the Right cross tie AND the left cross tie. 'No tie' is the safest and most respectful way to ask a horse to stand still. Single tie is the next best option. Any tie must have an easy breaking segment. I like dental floss. Cross ties are NOT psychologically safe for horses. If used, both sides must have easy break away pieces in the line so that both lines will snap when needed.



Self-Serve Stall and Paddock Brush or Scratcher:


At Staples, find the chair mats with rounded (not sharp) nubs. Slice into strips, round the corners and use round headed wood, stainless wood screws for mounting, vertically.


Hay Racks:

High metal hay racks promote unnatural eating stance and bad lower back posture.



Slow Feeders:





Halters: Any halter MUST be able to break away AND have flat "spread the load" contact with the skin. Rope halters are very bad on both scores. All halters must be assessed for their "damage done just before they break". Brass fitting are the least corrosive in weather and are the softer metal so will snap when they need to. Thin leather breaks easiest. Would you rather buy a halter every season or a surgical vet bill because it didn't break? NYLON is very dangerous because it will not break before the horse breaks.


Blankets:  Horse Prefences Research



Face and ear masks can be a sensory hazard for animals in an unstable social herd. For one year, keep a bug calendar to get to know/predict your local swarming seasons. Garlic Supplements really do keep bugs down and really is good for horse overall health.

socks-for-horses-help-prevent-hooves-from-fly-stomping-damage socks on 4 legs are best for leg biting flies

blue catches deer flies

bug trap science
Marigold products are the best natural bug spray.
Never use bug spray over eyes that will drip into eyes with sweat.



Dyna Shield




Green Head Flies



Life Threatening Events

Emergency Event

Equine Ambulance


Hurricane/ Flood: Be Prepared


Horses & Hurricanes brochure:


Equine Emergency Supplies list:


Equine Vital Signs Sheet:


Loss or Death

Security, GPS, and ID Chip:


In home Euthanasia for SMALL animals:







Geriatric Horses Ages 25-40:




Beginners, Learning to Stay On:
Riding with no saddle teaches the most. Trail riding in the wide open spaces teaches the second most. Riding instructors (all levels) cannot hold a candle to those first two. 4H is quite good. Pony Club is often ok.



Equine Brains, Equine Learning, Equine Choice

A horse will not thrive if they live alone. Any species will do for companionship, but the closer you can get to a hoofed animal, the better.





Stall Kickers



Behavior and Training
Rockin' Horse (this site) is a sport built around the horse brains and rider brains, together.
Long Distance Trail Competitions are the most healthy and rewarding sport from the horse's point of view.



Positive (Operant) Trainers



Learning to Teach Horses



Horse Brains, Horse Cognition (Perception and Thinking) and REM in horses

REM Sleep in horses

The Neurology of Skin Color

how smart are horses?

Horses Never Forget People

Remapping the Animal Brain is similar to Remapping the Human Brain

Go to the and search under behavior and you'll get a long list of all current horse brain science. As soon as you sign on to this site, you can click on the brain links below; otherwise they dont work.



Food Use in Teaching and Training
Food as motivator is proven to drastically increase learning speed, with ZERO unwanted behavioral side effects.

Favorite Flavors of Equines

Sound Desensitizing

Audio CD's all Animals.

Must be used with a behaviorist protocol! Click to hear the demos on the websites...


Scroll down to Training Aids to see the Sound Sensabilities™ audio sounds of Children, Dogs, Fireworks, Guns, Cars and Trucks, Kitchen and Vacuums, Car trips, Flight, Thunderstorm. Audio CDs Ideal for helping dogs or other animals overcome a noise phobia.



Assessments of the Dog Whisperer



Riding Equipment

For the best communication, I am VERY partial to a snug halter with clipped on thick, round reins because you can get so much more information from the horse with this simple combination. Every flat rein is so much less effective at transferring information because they do not fit the shape of the human hand and fingers. Bits are downright offensive to horses. They are extremely distracting and actually stop the horse from being able to think. They are completely unecessary in performing any horse sport at any level.




Round reins


Bitless bridle, Light rider:


Saddle Fit:


Treeless saddle:


Road Safety




Horse Yellow Pages, Annuals and Websites:


All Horse Rescue Groups:




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