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Animals creepin' you out?  Testimonials...

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Would you like to talk to someone who has worked with us?  Past clients are happy to talk with you!  Start with the stories below to quickly browse recovery stories.  Please tell us your story and we'll set you up with a past client who was in a similar situation and went through the Willing Humans process.


"MIT physics majors like myself are taught that mathematics is the only universal language, but now I don't know. I think that maybe this is the truly universal language."  Erin Shea  Cambridge, MA



"Casey is, to me, a wizard of the basic elements, the options in life that are so basic we don't even realize they exist because we are thinkers. You'll have to put your thinking brain aside if you are to "learn", like an animal would, from Casey. You don't have to know how to do this; she'll get you there.


There are no words that describe how incredible she is in obtaining your instinctive animal side, assessing it, and then reporting it back to you (like a translator) in human terms, i.e. words. She reports on how you interface with someone else.


When you work with her you'll use a part of your brain that you don't use all that often in everyday life and for this reason, you'll find yourself exhausted after just an hour and a half. At first, you will not realize you are learning a damn thing, which you'll probably find somewhat disconcerting.


But have faith. Her job is not to convince you that her findings are true, her job, to be efficient, is to use that data to teach you how to get to whatever end you desire. And once the awareness is ingrained it doesn't come 'undone', rather, it grows, if you use it. I spent only a few hours total with Casey, but the more I use the tools, and now they are like instinct to me, the more I teach myself. "
-Amanda Case, Attorney,

Falmouth MA


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"My 12-year-old son has had a severe dog phobia for as long as I can remember. It interfered with play dates, parties, sports, going to the beach or parks or anywhere there were dogs. Friends and family tried to help him with no luck. We also tried a psychologist but that didn’t work either.


Once he started working with Casey, he was able to overcome the dog phobia very quickly. She took a step-by-step approach. After one zoom session with Casey then a second zoom session with "Casey plus a dog" and then a 2 hour session in person with Casey plus TWO dogs, he was petting, playing, feeding, and connecting with a dog for the first time in his life.


Since then he has been able to interact with his friends’ puppies and small dogs and even asked if we could get a dog.


I never expected we could get results this fast and am really glad we met Casey. If you are looking for someone to help you or a child with a dog phobia you don’t need to look anymore. Casey responds quickly and is very reliable. Her approach may not make sense at first but she gets results.

-Mary Neimann, Western CT


"I would never have been able to see it before, I mean if I hadn't been working with you.  Not only watching you but having you show me how to do it myself. No matter what else I learn to come, there was one moment today when I said to myself, oh my GOD...I SO ENTIRELY GET NOW what FAKE communication looks like!  ...and how important it is to have a REAL conversation instead.  That was worth everything...

-Alisa Stollman, Trumbull CT

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Phobia of My Own Animal

“Zoophobia” is a term that refers to a person’s fear of certain species of animals largely due to previous bad experience. But that term doesn’t really cover the whole reality of the personal/intimate/daily fear of our own pets. We know our attackers quite well because we live with them. But it is in this reality that we see a lot of pet-o-phobias, or let’s even call it " fear of the animal I rescued or purposefully took on.”

I’ve been a horsewoman for 30 years, but when I bought Clara and brought her home as an already competing riding horse, I got more than I bargained for. It turned out that she had a habit of “rearing and lunging at people” which put my daughter and grandchildren in a lot of danger. And this mare even scared me half to death on a few occasions too.

Kindness and time didn’t help Clara’s problem get better at all, and before too long I became scared to feed her, clean her stall, or even enter my otherwise perfect little barn. She picked on our little pony too, and she even lunged at wheelbarrows! Little did I know the truth behind her name: 'Clara' meant "she who brings clarity for those who cannot see, just like I wasn’t able to see her and even myself clearly until OSCAR.

Being there to witness every step of the transformation of Clara with OSCAR Therapy did almost nothing to reverse my own acquired phobia of her front end; my own learned paralysis when I was near this horse was stark. And quite honestly, I was also totally freaked out by my apparent misunderstanding of all that I thought I knew about horses.

I had to hit total rock bottom before I could see the way forward for me personally. Even though I knew Casey worked wonders with us in the first session, I really just didn't believe that I could be a part of the picture for this horse’s future, so I let life get in the way as an excuse to avoid her and even what was obviously helping her. I knew that if I encountered her scary behavior again, I would not be able to get that image from my mind, leaving me probably paralyzed in our advancement, and personally responsible for the failure.

During Casey’s second session with us, even while trusting her judgment and KNOWING that it would be best to approach the horse at that time, Casey still had to "teach" my automatic reptile brain just like she teaches any phobic animal. Because my brain (just like any animal’s brain) is wired for survival, it overrides sensibility. It was so critical that the OSCAR process helped my own reactive brain before it asked me to think/plan/do anything.

When trying to understand how an animal doesn't use part of its body -even if you hear it and comprehend it intellectually, experiencing it first hand in your own body puts it in a whole new perspective. It's like you have firsthand knowledge of what the horse is feeling. Those of us “lucky enough” to have had their own body-use PTSD have a real advantage- we have total understanding.

I just wish others could experience what I'm experiencing during these sessions and what comes from them. I know I would not have believed these results if I had not experienced it first hand. Over the years, I have seen horses be transformed by trainers, but somehow, something important seemed to be missing from the end result, like either the horse's personality or the owner’s personality was missing in the end.

Also, I think with a lot of "trainers," even if they know how to "fix" the animal, they are still unable to figure out how to “fix the owner,” and the downward spiral just continues. Had I worked with a “trainer” I would have brought Clara home to my same old fears of her. Often, the owner would still be freaked out and just going through the motions they were taught, without knowing why… Often the animal would be sold or put down in the end anyway, using some other reason as the excuse.

I cannot put into words how great it feels to truly believe that we will now be able to be a better team than I could have imagined even when I bought Clara! Again I say, thank goodness OSCAR Therapy is designed to care enough about the animals to also help their people- who are supposed to be their guardians- in the very same way!”

-Michelle Robillard, Canterbury CT

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