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Glossary of Terms

Because Willing Results, LLC provides a new breed of consulting and teaching service,

this reference list will help to discriminate what we do from other teaching models.

Willing Results:  Our chosen company name for this one reason... The result of the work we do is that ALL become ULTRA WILLING to participate to the best of their ability, regardless of species.  ALL are WILLING!


Facilitation: The teacher's role in student-directed goals.


Psychological Rehabilitation: Behavior assessment, diagnosis and treatment (via operant teaching) to achieve stable and rational behavior.


Operant Teaching: Arbitrary experiences that are presented by the teacher, but which are under the control of the learner. Purpose of the goal is clear to the student. This is the preferred teaching mode at WR.


At WR, we are not "trainers". We are "teachers/facilitators." Willing Results uses methods that explore student capabilities to heal themselves, and to apply their untapped potential to performance.



OSCAR Therapy: fastest, safest and most respectful way to teach any animal. This federally  trademarked therapy was pioneered by us here at Willing Results, LLC


Motivation: Something a person or an animal wants. Avoiding something that is unwanted does not act as a true motivation.


Conscious Behavior: manner of acting where choices are rationally derived


Unconscious Behavior: manner of acting where choices were rationally derived at some point in the past, and have self promoted as habit.


Operant Conditioning: Arbitrary experiences under the control of (operated by) the learner. Purpose of the learning is often unclear to the student.


Behavior Shaping: Operant Conditioning


Behaviorist: One who studies the causes for and solutions to behavioral anomaly and challenging personalities.

Clicker Training: Rudimentary Operant Conditioning


Horse/Dog Whisperer: Experts only in the methods of pressure release to achieve acceptance of a dominant authority.


Natural Horsemanship: A catchall category for a multitude of methods of "kinder" methods of horse management. WR methods are not based on any of the popular natural horsemanship methods.


Communicator: A catchall category for a multitude of methods of psychically derived information: Medium, Psychic, Telepathy, or Spiritual methodologies


Animal Training: Traditional applications of pressure release and negative reinforcement that serve the primary goal of obedience.

Partnership Engineering: PE was our previous company name. The skillsets required to actual reverse-engineer and rebuild COGNITIVE CHOICES and even whole categories of CHOICES that animals and people make, regardless of species, role, or discipline.

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