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Learn How to Leverage Your Willful Brain

Human Services and rates are a la carte.  We diagnose your problem and then customize a solution.  Our brain solutions are so efficient that you will SAVE much more time AND money than if you worked with a therapist.  Email us to request a current rates sheet.

Phobia Reversal


Building your life around a long standing phobia? Phobia reversal is our bread and butter. 

Improve your own personal safety, and get your life back...


"Casey got me through my fear of needles, so that I could finally go back to the doctor and get a much needed blood test, and it came back negative. I am so relieved." -Anon


Your own brain can reverse any phobia, using fun, easy steps.  No medications required!


Fear of Water/Swimming

Fear of Animal: any type

Fear of Insects/Spiders

Fear of Snakes


Unusual Phobia?  Please email your story...

Will-Skill Classes:

3 Foundation Classes



Get a Fingerprint of your inner Will




We learn about our will and the wills of others not by hearing about them in lecture format but by experiencing them first hand. Your one-on-one timing can indeed be improved in group format classes. Exercising the "intention muscle" and understanding your student's perspective are best done using immediate cause-effect participation.


Will-Skill Class Descriptions:



Class 1: Shaping- Ability to Convey an Idea


Time: 90 minutes

The Test: Can you teach someone to their sunglasses on upside down? But here's the catch: you only have five minutes, you must use no body language, and you may only use one word out of the dictionary!


Class 2: Persuasion from Presence


Time: 60 Minutes

The Test: Using a rope tether, can you teach someone to cross a line in the sand and come over to your side? But here's the catch: you only have three minutes, and that person wants to stay put!


Class 3: Disengage- Power of the Social Vacuum


Time: 90 Minutes

The Test: Can you teach someone to walk toward an undisclosed location and stay there as you leave the scene? But here's the catch: you only have three minutes, you can't speak, you can't touch them, and they are suspicious of you!











Personalized Will-prints

Take a "fingerprint" of your inner WILL...


You may be unaware that the "free will" inside each individual has a unique style or fingerprint which is as different from person to person as hair color. It leaves behind a unique fingerprint, a Will-print, which can be described and employed in aid of your goals. It takes just one hour for WR to identify your personal Will-print.  Will-printing is done to identify the category and specific skill that would cause the greatest amount of positive change for you, specifically.


The Will-print test is a purely diagnostic process that collects extremely subtle responses to subtle social and physical pressures. Will-printing provides easily accessible, reliable, and invaluable information about your unconscious tendencies which will stand out "like a neon sign". Rest assured, the experience of being Will-printed is not uncomfortable. Reports of the experience range from 'imperceptible' to 'fun' to 'it feels like you are being assessed by 'an animal'. Each individual in a pair must be tested separately.


The information leading to the concept of Will-printing originated from Sugarman's necessity for tests to safely diagnose the behavioral tendencies and hidden motivations of dangerous animals. Will-Skill is a trademarked process of Willing Results and is not a licensed therapy.


Personalized Will-Prints


Medical Games: Pediatric Patients

Help for Pediatric Invasive Medical Procedures

A class for parents and pediatric health practitioners. Health benefits of scary medical procedures, such as injections or MRIs, are incomprehensible to small children. Help your child learn how to feel in control of the situation. Turn scary doctor visits into fun and empowering opportunities, while still getting the job done!

Private consultations available.

Will-Proofing :
   Editing for "Sway"
Document Enhancement Svcs

Understand the "gut reactions" you are creating in the reader.  Be sure that important written communications are as powerful and frictionless as you intend. Replace TONE with DIMENSION.


Edit Every Kind of Written Document for...


  • Clarity

  • Understanding

  • Emotional Accuracy

  • Presence

  • Passive Aggression

  • Opportunity

  • Independence

  • Perspective

  • ...and Grammar




“Why didn’t I see it before?”

“Fully 100% of your suggestions were right on.”

“Your candid and honest feedback was invaluable.”

"Your edits are chock-full of power; they subtly add force."

“The feedback I received helped to turn my novel into a great piece of writing."

"You offered insight as much as edits, and those insights made my characters stronger."

"Your understanding of what drives people is unmatched.”

Youth Classes


Benefits of Will-Skill Challenges

  • Improves Listening Skills, Empathy Skills, Helping Skills

  • Improves Focus

  • May reduce reliance on Bullying /Mean Communication Tools

  • Puts ‘Self-Directed Will’ in charge of Raw Energy and Nerves

  • Closely analyzes the perspective of the underdog or victim without the need to experience being picked on.

  • Rising tide must float all boats.  Fast learners become responsible for helping others get up to speed. 

  • Session Goals are set by Casey.




Example Activities (in Order)

  • ‘Tug of Will’ One Introductory Personal Assessment by Casey (a 3 minute tug of war test): to designate each participant to one of 2 groups (Green Group=Passive, and Red Group=Over-Present)

  • “Shaping Class”: The Tools of YES and TIMING. Advanced Empathy Training Disguised as Hilarious Fun

  • “Let the Record Show”   Kids rotate through the role of Scribe for the Record on the Wall:  Eyewitness Advocates for the Defense

  • “Compete Against the Task, Not Each Other” Whole Group is responsible for teaching every individual to get to each finish line.

  •  “Opposite Assists” Red Group assists Green Group in initial stages of the game.                    Green Group assists Red Group in last stages of the game.

  •  “Refresher”: Every session day begins with an easy refresher challenge

  • “Pow-Wow What Worked?”  Kids Debrief on effective tools they found.  Tools are given names by the group and tools go into TOOLBOX on the Wall.  Every new class will add more tools to ELYSA’s collective toolbox, could create an ELYSA-member culture and lingo.

  • Girls Will Team can compete with Boys Will Team(future) in timed challenges:   Who can communicate the fastest without using language!  


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