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human brains too: Testimonials

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Would you like to talk to someone who has worked with us?  Past clients are happy to talk with you!  Start with the stories below to quickly browse recovery stories.  Please tell us your story and we'll set you up with a past client who was in a similar situation and went through the easy+fun OSCAR Therapy process!


"MIT physics majors like myself are taught that mathematics is the only universal language, but now I don't know... I think that maybe this OSCAR modality is the real truly universal language."  Erin Shea  Cambridge, MA


Trauma Reversal
by VIDEO Session, CT

"Casey’s Oscar Therapy treatment has made a big difference in my life. In my session, Casey was on video teaching my therapist, Margaret, who was in the room with me. I’ve been in and out of traditional modes of therapy and psychotherapy for four decades, but in just one Oscar session I was able to become aware of and release two long-standing traumas by understanding them in a different way. It’s very impressive that Oscar seems to open doors and contextualize painful, haunting issues in a gentle, nontraumatic way. I’ve seen the OSCAR Therapy method working with animals as well. Oscar transcends verbal communication. It’s the most exciting healing modality that I have experienced.

A big thank you, Casey, and thank you to Margaret, for all the work you did for me and for Susie and Sophie. XOXOXO

-Nora Mills, Avon CT


"Casey is, to me, a wizard of the basic elements, the options in life that are so basic we don't even realize they exist because we are thinkers. You'll have to put your thinking brain aside if you are to "learn", like an animal would, from Casey. You don't have to know how to do this; she'll get you there.


There are no words that describe how incredible she is in obtaining your instinctive animal side, assessing it, and then reporting it back to you (like a translator) in human terms, i.e. words. She reports on how you interface with someone else.


When you work with her you'll use a part of your brain that you don't use all that often in everyday life and for this reason, you'll find yourself exhausted after just an hour and a half. At first, you will not realize you are learning a damn thing, which you'll probably find somewhat disconcerting.


But have faith. Her job is not to convince you that her findings are true, her job, to be efficient, is to use that data to teach you how to get to whatever end you desire. And once the awareness is ingrained it doesn't come 'undone', rather, it grows, if you use it. I spent only a few hours total with Casey, but the more I use the tools, and now they are like instinct to me, the more I teach myself. "
-Amanda Case, Attorney,

Falmouth MA


Water Phobia Reversal.​
East Lyme Pool, CT
Casey has literally gotten me back in the water. After numerous attempts over decades to learn to swim, I never gained confidence to swim more than a few yards and only in shallow water. Eventually this lack of confidence turned into a fear of deep water. I felt ashamed, embarrassed and isolated. I wouldn’t take a boat ride or any enter water above my waste.

With my son’s wedding a few months away in Costa Rica, I knew there would be water activities and I wanted to participate in as many as possible. I was tired of being the only adult staying back on shore and making up empty excuses why I couldn’t go in the water or out for a boat ride.

I knew swim lesson weren’t the answer for me, but didn’t know of any other option until I discovered Casey’s water-phobia sessions.  I spent only 19 hours in the pool with Casey in total, but it was more than my entire life up to that point. My confidence grew every session.
With Casey’s keen attention to
my UNCONSCIOUS behaviors in the water, even the subtle ones, I made huge progress.
Casey has an uncanny ability to tease out what my body's reflexes are doing (or not) and getting in my way. This way I can gain quickly and efficiently, building my confidence in the water. 

I participated in many of the water activities in Costa Rica including a guided tour around an estuary in a small, old boat where your seat was so close to the water you could dip your hand in. Not even crocodile sightings just a feet from our boat disrupted my comfort! 
I knew I had turned the corner and was well on my way to overcoming my water-

-Tim Haire, Westbrook CT


"I would never have been able to see it before, I mean if I hadn't been working with you.  Not only watching you but having you show me how to do it myself. No matter what else I learn to come, there was one moment today when I said to myself, oh my GOD...I SO ENTIRELY GET NOW what FAKE communication looks like!  ...and how important it is to have a REAL conversation instead.  That was worth everything...

-Alisa Stollman, Trumbull CT

Phobia of Dogs
Western CT, NY

"My 12-year-old son has had a severe dog phobia for as long as I can remember. It interfered with play dates, parties, sports, going to the beach or parks or anywhere there were dogs. Friends and family tried to help him with no luck. We also tried a psychologist but that didn’t work either. Once he started working with Casey, he was able to overcome the dog phobia very quickly. She took a step-by-step approach. After one zoom session with Casey then a second zoom session with Casey plus a dog and then a 2 hour session in person with Casey plus two dogs, he was petting, playing, feeding, and connecting with a dog for the first time in his life. Since then he has been able to interact with his friends’ puppies and small dogs and even asked if we could get a dog. I never expected we could get results this fast and am really glad we met Casey. If you are looking for someone to help you or a child with a dog phobia you don’t need to look anymore. Casey responds quickly and is very reliable. Her approach may not make sense at first but she gets results.

-Mary Neimann, Western CT

Middle School Teacher.​ East Lyme, CT


"It's an entirely new way of looking at communication! As a public school teacher, I find that the techniques I learned from Will Skills infuse creativity into my lessons and assist me in engaging my students in ever-more innovative and meaningful ways. I have discovered that the concept of Will Skill offers me inspiration and motivation in other areas of my life as well. "
-Amanda Just, Middle School Teacher, East Lyme CT



"MIT physics majors like myself are taught that mathematics is the only universal language, but now I don't know. I think that maybe this is the truly universal language.


My brain was trying to turn off because this was so 'new', letting the other half of me come through., I mean. I usually live either in the physical or the mental world, but this was about trying to put them together and it was hard! Your brain has to be working along with your body, and you can't just set one on autopilot and leave it alone to work on the other. This will-based information, these few sessions, have been the most intense sessions I've ever had. "

-Erin Shea  Cambridge, MA

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