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The OSCAR Book
Press Release

For Immediate Release

USA: East Lyme, Connecticut, Nov 30, 2021


How To Fix the Messed-Up Mind

of Any Animal of Any Kind: Introducing OSCAR Therapy

Is your dog, cat, horse, pet, or even your own body acting badly?  Are they vicious? terrified? destructive? Anxious or paralyzed by fear? If so, then get ready to go on the ride of your life. Introducing OSCAR Therapy teaches you a real-time "language" for helping you to communicate with and teach domesticated pets, wild species, and even humans. This hysterically serious how-to manual is a real page turner! See it with your own eyes on our

OSCAR Therapy Channel on YouTube today!


You don’t have to be a behaviorist, a veterinarian, or even an adult to learn this primal language all species have in common. Anyone can learn to use OSCAR Therapy to explain safety, training, medical, social, competition, or other context-based skills to any individual, regardless of species. Using this primal bio-emotional paradigm (by preserving a few rules of "social nature") you too can solve “impossible” behavior puzzles. OSCAR Therapy is a quick and efficient way to assess, diagnose and reverse most areas of Phobia and PTSD, SAFELY in all species, including humans. OSCAR Therapy is unlike ANY current training or teaching method because the choices OSCAR Therapy promotes are based in self-expression. Learn how to lift the fog of confusion and distress so any individual’s personality and charisma can finally shine through.


Welcome to the world of "Will Physics"-- the mechanics of how anyone's inner will works inside any individual being or even any systems-based entity. With just three key balancers, like the pitch, yaw, and roll of an airplane, Will Physics not only recovers the minds of dangerous or fearful animals. But you can use it to also balance out any relationship of any kind; by its very nature, any system you build with Will Physics is infinitely scalable. If you want to help a Phoenix rise from its own ashes, learn exactly how it’s done. Want proof?  Read our detailed testimonials. 


Twenty years with a PTSD horse led Casey Sugarman, Will Integrator, to become a student of interspecies conversational dynamics, including what she calls “The Mechanics of Will,” the topic of her upcoming second book. Overlapped with 14 years in exotic aquatic animal health management, eventually as senior biologist on the vet team at Boston’s New England Aquarium, Sugarman became one of the first to apply whale and exotic species teaching techniques to the previously unaddressed psychological rehabilitation of animals. With this “animal-derived” therapy, individuals who have become dangerous in reaction to traumatic accident, injury, history-of-abuse, and/or social neglect all make a total recovery. Voluntary learning dynamics that apply to all species from snail to shark to human have also led Sugarman to develop an applied choice-modification technique for application in human education, medical management, both physical and psychological recovery, and even in sociological and administrative strategy.   OSCAR Therapy c/o Will Integrators, PO Box 102, Niantic, CT 06357

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