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Equine Testimonials: Clinics for Trainers, Handlers, Riders

Would you like to talk to someone who has worked with us?  Trainers & colleagues are happy to talk with you! 

All clinics are flat fee.  Clinic hosts can et thier own prices for auditors and participnts to cover costs and even profit financially as well as intellectually.  Email us for an easy clinic setup kit including all the tools you'll need to attract participants in your area.

Beginner Testimonials

With most clinics, you have these great moments with the clinician, blah blah blah, you go home. It's great for the first 24 hours and then it's back to the same old issues. I was pretty emotionally exhausted by the end of the clinic, but per Casey's instructions, I was not allowed to practice what I had learned for at least 3 days. By Friday I couldn't wait to see where we were. We started ground work and he was just where I left him. Curious and soft and eager to find out what was next! WHAT? Whose Horse is THIS? Just made me stand there in the paddock and cry.


Here was my next test, 7th day from the clinic. Keep in mind our issues were with spooky, nerves, etc. while trail riding, showing, anything outside of the back yard got us in trouble. Well, don't you know he was perfect! I rode him on roads, in the woods, did a little jumping, crossing loud wooden bridges, water crossings, thick mud, all on a relaxed long rein. LONG REIN! I have NEVER been able to give him a long rein on a trail before! He'd take off, buck, and be a fright- but this time… nope. We just went along like we had done this for days. He was with ME, and I could feel it. I found a glimpse of the unicorn I have wanted so desperately since I was a little girl. Every time I come out he is looking at me as if to ask, 'What fun do we get to have today? ' It's nice... really nice. Thank you Casey, thank you."
-Shannon Dalton, Poland ME

"I was sick and tired of my horse's stonewalling, evasiveness, refusals, and lack of attention. No book I read or seminar I attended had made even a whisker of difference. I had just about given up hope on developing a positive, forward-looking partnership. Then I attended a clinic by Casey Sugarman. I was having so much fun and was so engaged that I hardly noticed the day passing, but by the end of the clinic, the stone wall had crumbled, the undesirable behaviors had vanished, and confidence, focus, and even an eagerness to work had taken their place. What amazed me more, though, was that the techniques I learned stayed with me - they are as simple, reliable, and effective as they were that day, no matter what situation I'm in. Who knew success - and, for that matter, complete transformation - could be so easy and so much fun?"

-Vanessa Wright Capone, Tyngsboro MA

Clinic Testimonials


"Casey, Thank you so much for your participation as a clinician in the University of CT Horse Symposium. Everyone loved your clinic!

-Dr. Nadeau, Equine Extension, Univeristy of Connecticut



Auditor Testimonials

It was so wonderful that I was given the opportunity to audit her training sessions with you. I have learned so much by just observing. Its given me a new point of view. I was always taught treats make horses nippy or sour and that release from pressure is enough reward... I was taught to be the  herd leader and dominant... Now I see that those things aren't  necessarily fact. With new eyes I see a way to have a conversation with a willing participant. This is the relationship we dream of. A horse moving freely unencumbered by halter or lead line, doing what you ask willingly and joyfully. 

We have accomplished in days what could have taken months. The key is he's willingly participating and enjoying the sessions.  He looks forward to our time together and does not want the lessons to end! Now that we are able to communicate and have a dialog, he doesn't want to stop interacting with me, LOL ! It's incredible how he's changed. Malik does everything I ask in a playful energetic way-- its comical. If I move to the mounting block he will do a little rear and trot or canter over and line himself up for me to lean on his back. It's hysterical !

People at the barn are no longer afraid of him, and they see how friendly and mushy he has become. The best yet is the praise from my vet. Malik just thought the vet was a new friend.

I can't wait to see how far I can get with the information I gathered from my audit. Thanks for giving me your time for free. Changing my perspective has created positive changes in my rescue horse. Your methods are starting our wonderful journey together on a better path. Thanks a million, and I'll pay you in videos!

-Annie, Fishkill NY


Rehabber Clinic Testimonials 


I am a horse rescuer; normal animals do not cross my path. Every horse and mule and donkey that comes to me has had a scary story already. Casey has given me so many more tools in my tool box --kinds I never could have imagined. This has opened up my awareness. Feel takes the place of "make,", letting the animals show themselves for who they are. I am excited now, to explore, to discover what every new individual is all about- with an open approach. It's made me a better person in all aspects of my life.
-Dana Stillwell -Equine Rescuer, Greener Pastures and Steed Read Founder, Salem, CT



"I honestly don't think I've ever been this positively affected by a clinic/clinician before. Words describing the one day clinic were, "incredible", "amazing", "phenomenal." Casey brought "round pen reasoning" out of the box and shoved it right over a cliff. But, instead of crashing as one would do when shoved over a cliff, I feel as if I've been able to grow wings and soar. Casey has opened doors for me to explore while at the same time helping horses to discover their own wings. Casey teaches how to "teach". "Teaching" has endless possibilities whereas "Training" has boxes. The sides of the boxes are finite and, sometimes, smothering. In" teaching", the sides of the boxes are blown out and the humans and equine students can bound to infinite levels of positive discoveries. With Casey's insight, horses are able to become 'students' and learn - rather than being conditioned responders. My thinking has changed from that of "trainer/trainee" to "teacher/student" with each horse I see. My very core is shifting. I so look forward to learning more and more."
-Gwen Santagate, Penzance Natural Hooftrim, Douglas MA

"MIT physics majors like myself are taught that mathematics is the only universal language, but now I don't know. I think that maybe this is the truly universal language."   -Erin Shea  Cambridge, MA

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