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What is OSCAR Therapy® ?

" it's not about body language, it's like nothing you've ever learned before..."

" the OSCAR knowledge set is so primal that it's hard to describe it in human words, and yet it's so easy to learn!"


" it's an invaluable 'wide view' of social interaction that could not have been found in any PhD program."

" the implications are staggering... everyone needs to know this..."

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OSCAR Therapy "Rebuilds" the Body-Brain Map
Simulations: Rewiring the Brain to Life Skills

Basic Timeline
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Basic Timeline
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Basic Timeline
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Is OSCAR Therapy® for People or for Animals?


Sure, we can help your strange-acting, bad-acting, or very fearful... dog, horse, cat, llama, fish, shark, pocket pet, snake, bird,  salamander, lizard, zoo animal, aquarium animal, or wild animal...


But we can also help members of the human species in exactly the same way! We humans react to primal social triggers in lockstep with other social animals, but we humans haven't yet harnessed this predictable ability in our nature. Our primal instincts are intact; we just don't know how to apply them consciously to solve our problems.


OSCAR Therapy was originally created out of necessity, as the only effective way of helping lethally dangerous, traumatized animals. After OSCAR, these animals recover to full normalcy around other animals, humans, and EVEN AROUND HUMANS WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT Oscar.


But invariably, client after client then asks the same quesiton...


"Now that I know OSCAR, can I use it with my teenager? With my wife? With my baby? With my patients? On Myself??

Of course you can...


O.S.C.A.R Therapy® Fact Sheet :


OSCAR Therapy® was federally trademarked in 2018 by Casey Sugarman, Connecticut, USA.

OSCAR Therapy was discovered and pioneered in 2005 by Casey Sugarman, formerly of Veterinary Services, New England Aquarium, Boston, USA.

O.S.C.A.R. Therapy is an acronym that stands for :

  • Operant :   a positive reinforcement conversation, operated by the animal, encouraged by the practitioner

  • Social-Spatial  :   discussing the 3D space of social interface immediately around animal’s body

  • Cognitive :   animal choices are directed by thought, creativity, courage, and learning

  • Angles  :    the 3D space is described by vectors defined by the animal's choice of directional movement

  • Reach & Recoil :  exploration of bi-directional vector options within animal’s personal space


OSCAR is a primal teaching format based on techniques that SAFELY alter the choices of animals across all species, including human.


OSCAR is the quick way to diagnose and rehabilitate, SAFELY.


OSCAR is the better way to teach, educate and lead ANY species.


OSCAR is used to create and generate both talent and skill.

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