What Will-Skill is...


Will-Skill is a primal teaching format based on techniques that successfully alter the choices of animals across all species, including human.


Will-Skill applies only methods in learning analysis and motivation analysis.


Will-Skill is used to diagnose and rehabilitate.


Will-Skill is used to educate and lead.


Will-Skill is used to create and generate.

Will-skill Defined

" it's not about body language, it's like nothing you've ever learned before..."" the knowledge set is so primal that it's hard to describe in human words, but it's easy to learn."


" it's an invaluable 'wide view' of comparative social behavior and learning that could not have been found in any PhD program."


" the implications are staggering..."





Is Will-Skill for People or for Animals?


The human species reacts to primal social triggers in lock step with other social animals, but we humans haven't yet harnessed this predictable ability in our nature. Our primal instincts are in tact; we just don't know how to apply them consciously to solve our problems.


Will-Skill was originally created out of necessity, as the only effective way of helping lethally dangerous, traumatized animals. With Will-Skill, these animals recover to full normalcy.


But invariably, client after client then asks the same quesiton...


"Now that I have these tools, can I use this with my teenager? With my wife? With my boss? With my employees? Does it work between groups? "


The answer to that question resulted in the development of Will-Skills for People and an upcoming book. Willing Results, LC is the company name.