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Comments From Users:

Who’s back there, the flippin' Wizard of OZ ??  -Jen M

Tried it with my issue and tried a variety of levels, and it freakin' NAILED it. Wrote abt my issue with nonprofit board and after a few clicks, it said they were split!  It did not even know the nonprofit board was more than one person and that my comments did indeed split the Board. Two thumbs up. –Amanda J

Gives you different perspectives, each option presents a different scope of the issue, and it diffuses anger and narrow approaches -Annie M

I keep on thinking about your app!  Very interesting and totally useful. -Peter M

It makes you bend your mind. I’d be on the damn thing constantly if I didn’t need to work.  I have a lot of problems and the damn thing made me look at a part of one different last night, so now I want to know more. I’m becoming a BF app junkie quick. -Melissa

“Ummmm….. that’s f-ing impressive…” –Ed T

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