" If we only had the collective will to ________,
our problem would be over! "

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When you access ALL 3 PARTS

of Your OWN Will...

and ALL 3 PARTS of Someone’s else's Will...

that's when the problems go away!

Our Elevator Speech: The Collective Will to _______

“To integrate wills” means to blend the primal choices of one entity/individual with the primal choices of another entity/individual, by use of autonomy, options, and timing.”  In a typical negotiation, everybody yields a little to get to an agreement. But in a will integration, both parties only gain. We gain balance, understanding, safety, and unification. No matter what kind of brain, no matter what kind of backstory, and no matter what species, using will integration both reverses all fear/PTSD/phobia, and uncorks all fountains of possibility. If you can dream the relationship, will integration WILL get you there…. How do I know this? The animals taught me!

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