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Copy of July 2019 OSCAR Newsreel Backlog

[ ] I also just want to say for the record.. She was going to hit that horse once more before I stormed over and took that horse away from her.

[ ] You are a good teacher. You are patient and you find the one good part of something even if there were 11 awful things. And you never make anybody feel stupid and you dont lose your patience. I honestly dont know how you do it. But you do. You just keep saying the same thing over and over but in different ways until that person says ok. Or fires you( lol), but you never stop and you dont ever make people feel wrong for their bad choices...

[ ] I loved loved loved your oscar book. It was super funny and it was so engaging that you just keep rolling with it.... The stories in it are amazing and there’s so many! it’s so accessible. I cannot wait to have a hard copy I can write notes on and more to hand out to everyone--


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