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June 2019 OSCAR Newsreel Backlog

[ ] Hi Casey. I’ve been observing Bo eating in his stall and seeming very normal. For instance last night's wind... I think he actually came in the stall to get out of the wind something he didn’t or hasn’t done very often to my knowledge. He would stay outside in all conditions and although he would go in occasionally, it wasn’t for long.

I’m amazed at his willingness to hang out in a stall with no hay in it and no bad weather to motivate him to be in. His claustrophobia seems improved.

[ ] Abner is about 95 % normal. I do not call him in for dinner so he usually stays in until dinner now and then wants to go out. He goes out for about an hour or less and then comes in for the rest of the evening. Sooo much better.

[ ] Yes, I rode tonight. Stuart was absolutely fabulous. He is just super. I don't deserve him !!!

[ ] I also told my friend on our walk that you had done a great job teaching me, because when I'm the first one to exhale and be like "everybody relax..." that's just so unlike me. You have done a great job. Because historically I have been the uptight tightly wound one.


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