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April 2020 OSCAR Newsreel Backlog

[ ] I got second place out of a class of 20 but not for nothing, I taught my horse every bit of versatility in six months when most people take years teaching their horses to do these obstacles. 6 months ago, i walked him up to a pool noodle and he was like “whtcu talkin bout WILLIS... i ain’t doin that!"

[ ] the puppy across the street got loose and came barreling over when we were in the driveway. Instead of lunging and biting like she normally would, my dog just pressed up against my hip with her teeth bared at the strange dog but she didn’t do anything more . No one was hurt. It was amazing.

[ ] Ernie was really relaxed getting hoofs trimmed today. Trimmer even commented on how oddly good he was.


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